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Meet Justin Cerone

Justin Cerone is an entrepreneur and digital marketing leader based in West Palm Beach, FL. He currently serves as CEO of Lincoln Digital Group (originally founded as Business Writing Solutions in 2010), which specializes in providing unique, high-quality digital marketing solutions for medium & large businesses worldwide.

Justin first became involved in digital marketing when he was 18, conceptualizing a consumer-facing exotic car collection website and using a simple, yet archane web composer tool to implement it. “Site content” (term used loosely) consisted of amateur photos taken on a digital camera, and a font scheme no more more advanced than the use of Arial, Italics, and Bold.

A Digital Marketing Domino Effect

Nonetheless, the website filled an important need and showcased product in a way that was actually was pretty good looking — for the times — when it was all said and done. And without realizing it until much later, Justin then went on to gain valuable hands-on digital marketing experience in every role he was in for the next 7 years. After performing in-house digital marketing roles at commercial real estate firms to automotive dealerships and student organizations, he started his own marketing firm specializing exclusively in copywriting.

That firm, Business Writing Solutions, was born when Justin recognized a problem: businesses need well-written communications, but often lack the time or expertise to effectively create it. His solution: He would write and otherwise create material for them, and it would be effective because of his hands-on prior business experience and BA in English.

Fast-forward 3+ years, Business Writing Solutions was re-branded to Lincoln Digital Group.

A Wealth of Digital Marketing Experience

January, 2021: Justin on a digital and traditional media production shoot for a client as part of a Super Bowl promotional sponsorship. Shown with CBS affiliate WTSP.

In the 10 years since Lincoln Digital Group first launched in 2013 as an integrated full service marketing and advertising agency, Justin has been extremely fortunate to collaborate with some of the most well-run and successful businesses in their respective industries.

His experience has included leading the Agency of Record for the second-largest luxury automotive group in the nation by sales (Braman Motorcars); the #1 Land Rover retailer in the nation for 2017-2020 (Land Rover Tampa / Reeves Import Motorcars); a publicly-traded nationwide auto transport company (Save On Transport, ticker: PTRA), an award-winning Palm Beach luxury homebuilder (Beacon Construction Group) and countless other successful business, spanning the architecture, legal, jewelry and medical industries, among others.

Notably, Justin has successfully negotiated custom digital marketing sponsorships with LiveNation on behalf of clients, and also possesses international marketing experience in Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Mexico — much of it while serving as the Latin America Agency of Record for Stiebel Eltron, a multi-national manufacturing company that is the world leader in tankless electric water heaters.

Brand Experience, Digital Marketing Thought Leadership & More

His brand experience includes leading multi-channel digital marketing campaigns for two reputed Swiss watch manufacturers: Carl F. Bucherer and Corum. His work with these brands, combined with his service to 10 different luxury automotive brands (including Rolls-Royce and Bentley), luxury homebuilders and fine jewelry retailers underscore that the vast majority of his experience has been gained while working with luxury and premium businesses.

A keynote speaker and thought leader, Justin is experienced delivering digital marketing measurement presentations to C-level executives — notably at the 2018 Fall CFO Roundtable hosted by international accounting firm Crowe LLP.

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He is also a featured author at, and has been published in Automotive Success magazine, Dealer Marketing Magazine and Canadian Dealer Magazine.

An Expert Marketing Consultant

At various times throughout the year, Justin also serves as an individual marketing consultant at Premium Brand Advisors. Highly-conscientious of differentiating his consulting practice from Lincoln Digital Group services, Justin therefore focuses his consultancy on non-tactical topics, such as overall strategy, innovating new experiences, revenue attribution and customer lifecycle value for Fortune 1000 brands and similar companies.

Justin typically interfaces with Owners, General Managers and Marketing or Internet Directors, and is therefore experienced preparing recommendations, reports and analyses for the executive and senior levels of large organizations. His personal core competencies are digital brand strategy, marketing processes, SEO and lead generation.

When he is not working, Justin enjoys reading about business leadership and finance, cooking, barbecuing, traveling, performance driving and taking boxing lessons.

Justin Cerone
Entrepreneur; Founder & CEO, Lincoln Digital Group.

Justin has been featured in digital and traditional media. View Insight for re-publications and excerpts.

Lincoln Digital Group is an innovative digital marketing agency that delivers high-quality design, development and marketing services for medium and large businesses worldwide.


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