A Generational Shift in Mobile, and the Luxury Auto App that’s Transforming the Industry

AutoSuccess Magazine featured Justin Cerone in the Spotlight section of their website earlier this year. The below excerpt is from content originally published by AutoSuccess Magazine Online on May 21, 2013.

A Generational Shift in Mobile, and the Luxury Auto App that’s Transforming the Industry


By now, it’s no longer a question. Smartphones and the use of apps are here to stay.

Still in question, however, is how auto dealers — especially large scale, high volume operations — can deploy apps to provide automotive customers from all segments with unique, best-in-class benefits that also return maximum value.

If you believe as I do that convenience, speed and automation are critical to gaining either strategic or monetary value from your app, then you should keep reading. I’ll soon describe one all-new smartphone app that’s already advanced the capabilities and expectations of mobile technology in the auto industry.


The Past Moves Forward: The Next Generation of Automotive Mobility


In my opinion, the current, first generation of automotive app capabilities was trailblazing in many ways.

Appealing inventory presentations, rapid contact and directions options, impressive push notification targeting and useful operating and safety info — among other functions — brought dealerships into peoples’ pockets (and minds) in what showed the makings of a valuable way circa 2010 to 2012.

All of the aforementioned progress was made while an all-new industry was being born in front of our eyes. Our smartphone hardware itself has only recently turned the corner from nascent, which means the software is even younger than that.

Despite apps’ infancy, early widespread perceived value by many in-market has led to strong adoption for some dealers’ first apps — but, they have to be designed properly and effectively marketed in order to truly gain value and customer adoption.


AutoApps 1.0: Good. Solid. Potential Realized?


For all the strong progress I’ve listed above, it’s my belief that this initial wave of first generation apps have reached their maturity in terms of technical robustness. In some ways, it means they achieved much of their current-form potential and, thus, were executed well.

At the same time, I believe this means a generational shift — driven by a new technical ability (or abilities) that substantially enhances the auto app landscape — is ready to advance the industry’s mobile prospects in a way that’s never before been done.

One promising, robust way I’ve seen this achieved is through a direct ADP DMS integration.


Three Reasons Direct DMS Integration Uniquely Creates Value for Dealer Smartphone Apps


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