Justin has been entrepreneurial since his high school days, when he and a family friend partnered in music production. Justin’s good friend Stefano led the production and creativity efforts, and Justin would sell the tracks to artists and businesses, as well as promote them to major labels and A&R’s.

As a result of Justin’s sales & marketing efforts, South Florida hip-hop artists as well as local retail businesses purchased their music. The A&R for Eminem’s Shady Records Label also contacted the duo regarding their production services. No agreement with Shady Records was ever consummated, however, the A&R at the time (Riggs Morales) informed Justin that he had one of the most unique and straight-forward approaches he had seen for attracting his attention, which is what prompted Mr. Morales to call Justin.

Mid-way thru his Senior year in undergrad at DePaul University, Justin then attempted to launch an online-loan lead-generation business. The website was fastcash4you.com, and the business failed almost as quickly as it started. However, during the 3-4 months of hands-on management, Justin received valuable direct exposure to the copywriting, website development, PPC, and overall management disciplines.

About one month after fastcash4you.com failed, Justin launched Business Writing Solutions – a small copywriting shop dedicated to providing high-quality content to businesses.