Back to Basics

In a new year, it’s important to get back to basics. Why?

Because basics work. In business, basics are basics because they’re proven and time tested in bringing about success. Simply put, executing on the basics will help you start 2015 on the right foot.

In an age where it’s so easy for things to get overcomplicated, convoluted and muddled to the point of not even being what you originally imagined, simplicity and reliability win.


The Value of Basics


Utilizing basics can be applied to strategies and any number of goals. Basics help you “get started” like training wheels for a bike. They can also help you see the finish line, because a basic aspect of starting something involves recognizing what the finish line (success) looks like to you.

Today, I got back to basics by launching — get ready for it — a direct mail campaign to a number of highly-valuable, highly-targeted prospects. Yes, me, a digital marketer — sending direct mail.

I did it because similar approaches have helped me connect with people in similar roles in the past. I also did it because reaching your targets personally and uniquely is a basic aspect of successful prospecting. When executives are getting targeted with fancy ad campaigns, personalized microsites and a deluge of sales emails, a 1-to-1 letter is as basic as it gets. It also stands apart from the mountain of digital approaches now competing for executive attention.

That’s my example of getting back to basics to start the year. There are plenty of examples of basics working for others, both in business and in life. And in our digital-everything world, the basics — ie., doing what others aren’t — help you stand apart.

I’m sure there’s an area in your life or business where basics will help you stand apart to win. Here’s to getting started (again) with the basics in your new year.