Create, Distribute, Measure: Tips for Auto Dealer Content and Mobile Marketing

Below is an excerpt from a recent Q&A with Justin published in Canadian Dealer Magazine’s October, 2013 Issue.


Create, Distribute, Measure

Tips for Auto Dealer Content and Mobile Marketing


For this month’s column, I interviewed Justin Cerone, founder and CEO of the newly-formed Lincoln Digital Group (rebranded from Business Writing Solutions). His experience consists of creating premium quality, custom content for auto dealers — notably, renowned locations such as Braman Motorcars and the Rick Case Group. Justin also played an integral role in helping to achieve the first-ever ADP DMS integration direct with a dealer smartphone application, as well as numerous other innovations and achievements in the field of mobile automotive marketing. Below is a transcript of the interview:

AJ: How does creating effective content enhance a dealer’s profit?

JC: It all comes down to quality. We believe quality enhances your profit in a few ways. First, you must create organically optimized, unique content. Next, analyze your website, analytics and other data to determine where the highest quality traffic lies in terms of conversion. Often, the highest quality traffic is found in low-funnel visitors who enter very specific search queries. Optimize for these keywords that particularly target those specific queries and attract those visitors, since they’re more likely to convert relative to other visitor segments. Once you attract visitors to your page, serve high quality content

that effectively tells your brand story, unique value proposition and benefits. Essentially, all the factors that are most important to a prospect. Quality in
this regard means clear, trustworthy and appealing messaging that convinces those low-funnel visitors to complete a form or place a call.

So to conclude, focus on attracting high-quality prospects, and then employ high-quality on-page content that drives them to your BDC or Internet sales department with a greater degree of sale likelihood than less-focused, less-effective content marketing.

AJ: What are the next growth frontiers for distribution and consumption of content?

JC: The growth engines will be mobile and social media. The more we become accustomed to reading and watching content on our phones, and sharing them via our mobile devices, the more it will become…


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